Research & Publications

Our commitment to research both on a national and international level is ongoing. This work ensures that we are capturing the voices of rangatahi, keeping our staff involved in current evidence-based developments and opportunities and ensuring our services are relevant for rangatahi in our community. It also provides a pathway for rangatahi to be heard regarding their lived experiences within our community, gives exposure to leading-edge interventions that enhance the wellbeing of rangatahi and is ultimately able to directly influence national policy and practice to ensure our services are relevant for rangatahi.

contributed & participated in

Research and Publications KYS has contributed to and has participated in:

  • KYS staff are Expert Advisors to Malatest International for the National Youth Health and Wellbeing Survey 2019 (MSD). This national survey was launched this year due to delays from COVID-19 and has been met with resounding success.

  • 2020 Developing Practice Resources to support PARTH/ Tōu Ake Mana (MBIE). To develop a kete of practice resources to support practitioners to implement PARTH and Tōu Ake Mana (Tōu Ake Mana). The resources will be designed so that they are culturally and contextually appropriate for work with youth in diverse contexts and settings.

  • 2009-19 – Long-Term Successful Youth Transitions (MBIE). New information on the transition experiences of vulnerable young people within/between systems. Insights on policy/practice and the factors that strengthen support networks/services and improve transition experiences.

  • 2008-16 – Pathways to Resilience (MBIE). New information on the nature of resilience/risk of vulnerable young people who are multiple service users. Insights on policy/practice and the factors that enhance service quality in the health/welfare/justice/education sectors. (Massey University Press, 2016).

  • 2012-2013 SPARX e-monitoring and e-therapy for youth depression in primary care (HRC). An e-monitoring and e-therapy primary care tool for youth experiencing depression. The SPARX tool gives wider access for evidence-based interventions for young people. KYS was the key provider in the clinical trial and provided over 40% of the participants.

  • 2014 SPARX expansion to include a monitoring system and to test clinical utility and acceptability (HRC). KYS partnered with Auckland University to pilot the delivery and monitoring system of SPARX to test clinical utility and acceptability to young people and clinicians prior to its release. (HRC Partnership).

  • 2014 SOLVE – KYS staff was a member of the Clinical Advisory Establishment group to provide high level oversight guidance and decision making with reference to the implementation and clinical risk associated with the SOLVE project being the planned roll out of SPARX online. (National Institute for Health Innovation, University of Auckland) (Sundram F, Hawken SJ, Stasiak K, Lucassen MF, Fleming T, Shepherd M, Greenwood A, Osborne R & Merry SN., 2017).

  • Collaborative Care in Youth One Stop Shops 2014 (HRC). Evidence to show the benefit of collaborative healthcare practice for young people with multiple and complex problems. KYS worked with researchers at Otago University to better understand utilisation patterns and ways of further developing our wrap-around social and healthcare services so that utilisation rates improved. (Garrett, S., Pullon, S., Morgan, S., & McKinlay, E. 2020).

participated IN

  • 2019 HABITS Chatbot – evaluation of Headstrong: A Chatbot to support emotional wellbeing in older adolescents – (Auckland University, MBIE National Science Challenge) Increased access to evidence based technology online as an option to support their emotional wellbeing.


  • HABITS- Quest Trial (2019) evaluation of an app to support emotional wellbeing in adolescents – (Auckland University,MBIE, National Science Challenge) Tested and refined mental health support app.