Youth Engagement

KYS engages rangatahi in several other ways – providing opportunities to develop their talents and practice newfound skills, among other things. Check out some of the initiatives we have set up to inspire and motivate our awesome rangatahi.

Arts Trail

We already know how brilliantly creative many rangatahi are, but we want everybody else to know too!  That’s why for 10+ years we’ve been a part of the Kāpiti Arts Trail, which is open to the public and runs over two weekends in November each year. Being part of this iconic Kāpiti event gives rangatahi the opportunity to showcase their creative talents – be it through painting, drawing, sculpture, jewellery, film making, photography or just about any other creative medium they can dream up. Rangatahi get a real kick out of seeing their creations professionally displayed at KYS, and they can also sell their work if they choose.

Pizza, Pals & Politics

Power to the young people! At KYS we encourage rangatahi to engage in the democratic process. There’s really no better way for young people to have their say about what’s happening in our country or local community, or about the issues they care about. Organised to coincide with both central and local government elections, KYS holds youth forums where we invite political candidates to come talk face to face with rangatahi – and be grilled by them! These events have become really popular, not only with rangatahi but also with the candidates themselves – there aren’t many situations on the campaign trail where they get to see a roomful of rangatahi! We also work with the Electoral Commission for KYS to double as a Polling Booth during General Elections – helping remove barriers for rangatahi who are unsure about voting, as they can come to a familiar place where they feel comfortable and welcome.

Resiliency Workshops

Resiliency workshops are delivered to Year 9’s within their first few months of college, as part of the college health curriculum. The workshops include KYS staff and youth reps supporting rangatahi with social connections, resources they can access within college and at KYS if they are struggling or need support, and covers topics relevant to them. Using a combination of icebreakers, interactive games and props delivered in a fun way, Resiliency workshops aim to give rangatahi tools to understand, strengthen and grow confidence in their own innate resilience.