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KYS is a registered charity and Non-Government Organisation (NGO). Demand for KYS services has increased significantly over the years and we know – after providing them for over 25 years – how life-changing a service like KYS can be for communities. But the source, regularity and rates of funding that we receive are inconsistent and are sometimes not confirmed until the very last minute, which puts strain on the day to day running of KYS.


We have spent a long time requesting from Government a more cohesive funding structure to enable sustainability among the entire YOSS network. We felt it was time to escalate our urgent calls for help by going straight to the top and choosing a different way of bringing our organisation’s needs to the forefront.

With the support of Kāpiti Coast District Councillor Sophie Handford, we wrote a plea to the Minister of Health asking for immediate investment in Kāpiti Youth Support, and all of the Youth One Stop Shops around Aotearoa.

We asked our supporters and our community to get behind the cause and sign our petition in the hopes it would be presented to Parliament. In doing this, we were asking our cohort of rangatahi and our supporters to engage with us in a different way.

We are incredibly proud that we gathered over 5,000 signatures, and with the support of several key people within the KYS network, we presented our petition on the steps of parliament on 18th May 2021. We hope that our petition plea: “Immediate Investment Needed Now” will be heard by Ministers who can commit to supporting our vital service in the way it deserves.

For now, we rely on donations, grants and fundraising activities to support our current services. For information about how you can help, see our Donations section below.


Rangatahi are our future generation – our leaders of tomorrow.  That’s really all that matters in the work we do.

Although we receive funding from various government agencies, this funding does not cover the full extent of services we offer. We are a charitable trust that relies on donations, fundraising events and other sources of funding to ensure we can continue to be here for generations of rangatahi to come.


Services and programmes at KYS are provided free of charge for rangatahi aged 10-24 years so that cost is not a barrier to accessing them.  Because of this, funding remains one of our biggest challenges. Although we receive some government funding, there is a significant shortfall and funding is often inconsistent and short term. We rely on donations, grants and fundraising activities from multiple sources to support our current services. Rangatahi are our future, and our leaders of tomorrow. There are few investments that provide such positive outcomes for not only our young people but for their whānau and wider community. Investment in KYS is an investment in their future. Your donation means a lot.

You can use the green button below to donate through PAYPAL, or for bank payments:

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All donations to KYS are tax deductible. For donation acknowledgement and tax receipts please email your contact details to:

Fundraising Events

Among smaller fundraising events within KYS every year, our biggest event is the KYS Annual Street Appeal. This event started in May 2015, and we continued with it yearly until the interruption of Covid-19 in 2020. We rely heavily on volunteer help for this event, so if in the future you’d like to join us on collection day by volunteering some of your time, we’d love to hear from you.