Dyslexia Quality Mark

In 2021 KYS was awarded the Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark (DFQM), which is confirmation that KYS is following best practice in supporting rangatahi with dyslexia and other neuro-diverse conditions.

The Dyslexia-Friendly Quality Mark™

The DFQM is a rigorous set of best practice standards that covers all aspects of an organisation’s services to its clients.  To be awarded the DFQM an organisation must consider all aspects of its operations, from Board and senior management right through to the practices of individual professionals.  The standards are holistic and comprehensive.  The DFQM is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission.

KYS has been involved in all stages of the development and implementation of the standards and was chosen to be involved because of our record of innovative practices in supporting rangatahi.  The primary audience for the standards is tertiary education organisations, but KYS was chosen because we are an “education-adjacent” organisation, providing services to a similar cohort of rangatahi.

The Dyslexia Friendly Charter

A central feature of the DFQM is the Dyslexia Friendly Charter.  The charter is a public commitment to provide dyslexia-friendly services to all clients.  Rangatahi with dyslexia can feel safe at Kāpiti Youth Support because they know they will be understood, treated with respect and that their needs will be met. Clients who are unsure if they have dyslexia or not are provided with advice on the best way to access a diagnosis and any client who has dyslexia will be supported to minimise their challenges and maximise their potential.  The DFQM is awarded for a three- year period.  On submission of further evidence that an organisation meets the standard, the Quality Mark is awarded for the following three years.